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Archaeology: Perseus "Rediscovered " in Marsica Tomb

Friday June 10, 2005

(AGI) - Avezzano (Aquila), Italy, June 8 - Over recent days a commission composed of representatives of the Culture Ministry, the Macedonian embassy and Macedonian academics, has conducted a survey, awaited for years, at the monumental tomb of King Perseus, the last king of the Macedonians, buried along the Via Valeria near Magliano de' Marsi (Aquila), as indicated on table II SE of the page 145 of the Military Geographical Institute's map. Magliano council in collaboration with Massa D'albe town council has ordered the cleaning of the archaeological jewel of the scrub that hid and was seriously damaging the structure. The Macedonian delegates will give life to a series of cultural exchanges looking at the figure of the King Perseus, who spent his last four years as a guest in the city of Alba Fucens, where he was given a state funeral. His tomb is on the old Via Valeria, which goes from Tivoli to Alba. The guests who spoke said that they wanted to resolve the many doubts about the Macedonian king and to give the prestigious archaeological site its proper profile. (AGI) -
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