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Ancient Macedonia


 The Distinctive Ethnicity of the Macedonians
 Differences Between the Ancient Macedonians and the Ancient Greeks by
J.S. Gandeto
 Ancient Quotes on the Macedonians as Distinct Nation

 Diodorus - Plutarch - Pausanias - Livy - Herodotus - Justin - Isocrates - Ptolemy - Polybius - Demosthenes - Arrian

 Curtius Rufus - Josephus - Thracymachus - Pseudo-Scylax - ThucydidesStrabo -  Pseudo-Herodotus - Ephoros  
 Modern Historians on the Macedonians as Distinct Nation

Alexander the Great DID NOT care about Hellenism nor Hellenization

 Greeks and Macedonians by Ernst Badian (Harvard University)
 Greece and Macedon
by P.A. Brunt (translator of Arrian)
 The Ancient Macedonians and Their Language

 Ancient Macedonian - Distinct Indo-European Language
Why were the Macedonians styled as "Greeks" in the 19th Century?
 Why is Greece Stealing the Macedonian History?

 Macedonia and Greece (analysis of the Macedonian-Greek conflict)  by John Shea
 The Modern Greek Propaganda

 "Pan-Macedonian" Association - Greek Racist Group 
Greek Propagandist Websites - the Case of truth.macedonia.gr
 The Distortions of Modern Western and Greek historians

 The Myth of Greek Ethnic Purity

 History of Ancient Macedonia
 History of Ancient Macedonia

 Kings of Macedonia
 Philip II of Macedon - King of Macedonia
 Alexander III the Great - King of Macedonia

Alexander the Great DID NOT care about Hellenism nor Hellenization
 Antipater - Macedonian Army General and Regent

 Perdiccas - Macedonian Army General
 Antigonus I the One-Eyed - Macedonian Army General
 Craterus - Macedonian Army General
 Cassander - King of Macedonia
 Eumenes - Greek General in the Macedonian Army
 Lysimachus - Macedonian King of Thrace

 Tomb of the Last Macedonian King Perseus Found after Joint Italian-Macedonian Excavation Effort
 History of the Macedonian rule in Asia and Egypt
 History of the Macedonian Kingdom in Asia

 Seleucus I - Macedonian King of Asia
 History of the Macedonian Kingdom in Egypt
 Ptolemy I - Macedonian King of Egypt



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