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 Albanian Terrorism

 The Lies behind the Claim of the Albanian Terrorists for fight for more rights in Macedonia
 The Lies of the National Albanian American Council (NAAC) - Albanians in Macedonia: Facts and Fictions by Diana Johnstone
 Map of "Greater Albania" and the Propaganda of James Pettifer
 The KLA: Gangsters, Terrorists and the CIA by Michel Chossudovsky
 The Albanians are nor direct Descendants of the ancient Illyrians
 The Clear Fabrications of the Western Press
 The Half-Truths and Factual Inaccuracies of Western Media - Tipping the Scale by Eran Fraenkel
 The Western Betrayal of Macedonia - Antiwar.com
 Washington Behind Terrorist Assaults in Macedonia by Michael Chossudovsky
 Albanian Terrorists armed by the West are destroying Macedonia - James Bisset Canada's former ambassador to Yugoslavia
 Albanian Terrorist Kidnappings and Brutal Torture of ethnic Macedonian citizens - Human Rights Watch
 Waist Deep in the Balkans and Sinking - Washington Confronts the Crisis in Macedonia by Cato Institute
 The Macedonian Record on Democracy









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